How to Apply

Congratulations! You are about to apply the World's best protective coating to your vehicle.TerraShield doesn't just protect, it also provides the ultimate high gloss shine and a super smooth finish that even the best waxes can't achieve. The best thing is that it lasts for years, guaranteed!
Ceramic Coating Application Instructions:
Make sure all surfaces that are being coated with this product are clean prior to application.

1. Shake bottle lightly. Remove Cap and Saturate Applicator Pad.
2. Apply an even coat of product to the surface using a side to side then forward and back motion. Overlap to ensure complete coverage.
3. Allow product to cure on surface for 1 minute.
4. Buff and polish the surface by hand or orbital buffer using a clean microfiber towel until a fine finish is achieved.

Application Tips:

Work in areas no larger than 2ft. by 3ft. If product becomes difficult to buff and polish then it has been allowed to sit and cure on the surface too long. Simply re-wet the area and immediately hand buff with a microfiber cloth.
The ceramic coating will fully cure within 2 hours. During this time avoid exposure to precipitation such as rain and snow.

For more information, you may call our Customer Service at (888) 423-1002.